FreeCol 0.11.6
Publisher: FreeCol
Size: 37.8 MB
OS: Windows
Requirements:Java Runtime Environment 1.6
Total Download: 728
User Rating:

8 out of 10
Category: Strategy Games
FreeCol is a classic turn-based strategy game based on the original game Colonization which was released in 1994 by Microprose. The aim and target user has to achieve is to build an independent and powerful nation. The game begins with a group of people in a boat sailing over the ocean. Your task is to control them to reach a land where they will start a new life and then to form a nation. The nation must be kept safe from enemy attack while developing it into a modern state.

FreeCol is created as an open source version of the game Colonization. Even so, it has some differences compared to the original, ie the support for multiplayer mode and the use of isometric maps. It also lets you create your own maps using the Map Generator that's built-in in the game.

System Requirements:

- Screen resolution : 1024x768
- Java Runtime Environment 1.6 (minimum)

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