Frozen Fruits 2 1.1
Publisher: Blueskied
Size: 901 KB
OS: Windows
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10 out of 10
Category: Puzzle Games
Frozen Fruits 2 is a game for fun-loving individuals. It has a simple and very easy to navigate interface. Your primary aim is to smash all fruits in the game. However, there is a twist to this as there are aliens or objects that are set to burst your ball and end the game. You are to escape the deadly prowls.

There are six (6) color boxes of frozen fruits altogether in the game- yellow, green, red, purple, blue and cyan. You are required to smash the boxes to get the frozen fruits. While aiming to smash the boxes, you should avoid touching the skulls having the colors of the boxes, especially when your current color matches the skull's color. You could touch the skulls having colors different from yours. Meanwhile, you must not touch the wooden skulls.

You can use the color switches to change your color to enable you smash the boxes of like color. There is also a bomb to destroy all kinds of blocks blocking your path.

Game Controls

To move left, press left cursor or 4 on the number pad
To move right, press right cursor or 6 on the number pad
To thrust, press Space or Shift key
To Delete or Save game, press delete key
To go back to Menu, press Esc, Return or Backspace key

Starting the game, there are four exits through which you can move to start the game.

The First Exit

If you take the first exit, you launch into a table containing boxes of frozen fruits in different colors- purple, cyan, red and orange. The outermost boxes are skulls in orange color. Click on the color switches to change your color in order to smash the boxes. However, you must be careful not to touch the skulls when your color is yellow, as that ends the game.

The Second Exit

Taking the second exit, you would find yourself in the game area where the frozen fruits are held in a table surrounded by bricks, and it is being prowled by 5 sponge-like aliens. There is a brick wall platform on the top of the table, where two moving objects are parading. Below the table is a bomb.

Pick the bomb to break a brick guarding the table to create an inlet in order to access the frozen fruits boxes. After destroying a brick, swiftly move away to allow the 5 sponge-like aliens enter and break the shields blocking the fruits. Enter and smash the fruits.

The Third Exit

The third exit launches you to a playing area where different color boxes- purple, red, cyan, green and yellow are scattered but well structured. The boxes blocks hide the color switches that allow you to smash other fruits. Above the game area are two green hot balloons moving to burst your ball. Do not hit the skulls.

The Fourth Exit

The fourth path leads to a maze-like game area where there are 6 bombs to blow up the brick blocking your path to these fruits. There are 4 colors of boxes in this maze- purple, yellow, green, and blue.

The delicate part of the game is that the fruit boxes have sponge-like objects waiting to be unleashed by you when you smash the fruit hiding it. You have to dodge the object from hitting you, else, the game ends.

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