Glest 3.2.2
Publisher: Glest
Size: 53.4 MB
OS: Windows
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7.5 out of 10
Category: Strategy Games
Glest 3.2.2
Glest is composed of sets highlighting medieval fantasy world having two factions named as the Tech and Magic. Each faction has its own sets of upgrades, buildings and units that can arouse maximum excitement and challenges. With regards to the Tech faction, it makes use of the traditional kind of human warriors at the same time has its medieval mechanical device found in arsenal as well as strong melee in combat.

The Magic faction is primarily designed for advanced players having the most of their units summoned by other or morphed from. It lacks the combat strength hand to hand but it features more units which are very versatile.

Maps and tile sets are primarily selected at a new setup menu of the game. This even determines the graphical nature of the game. It is not just a simple game but it is also considered to be an engine that makes different types of strategy game based on set of tools and XML. In this game, there are few mods that can be observed. Due to the moddability of the engine of this game, Glest can already play games from different player created mods. These primarily range from futuristic fiction of science themes to dark and high fantastic setting.

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