Google Earth 7.3.3
Publisher: Google
Size: 57.7 MB
OS: Windows
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8 out of 10
Category: Educational Games
Google Earth is a fun way to explore world maps and places. It lets you fly in the sky seeing the houses and streets on the ground. Satellite imagery, 3D buildings, maps, terrain and street view are what it provides to you in viewing any area on earth.

For beginners, Google Earth could be a very fun way to see the hometown and areas surroundings on top-down view. And for students and teachers, Google Earth is useful to help learn countries' geography. Features such as Street View and Eagle's eye view are the most satisfying things to enjoy the earth exploration.


  • By downloading Google Earth, you are also agreeing to the Google Earth/Mpas Term of Service and Google's Privacy Policy.
  • It requires internet connection to run Google Earth.
  • If the map looks blurry, go to Tools menu, then click Options. In '3D View' tab, choose 'True Color (32 bit)' and unselect the 'Compress' option.
  • Learn further about Google Earth here.


  • Move left / right = Arrow keys or Drag mouse.
  • Zoom = Scroll wheel, or double-click a point, or PageUp and PageDown keys, or hold down the mouse right button while moving the mouse up or down.
  • Look = SHIFT + Up/Down Keys (look vertically), SHIFT + Left/Right keys (rotate view)
  • Street view = Click an icon on the right above the slider, drag it to an area and wait until the blue lines appear along the street, release it on that blue line. (Street view is available on big citites only).
  • Reset view = N (north to be on top) and U (flat view).
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