Ground Control II: Operation Exodus Demo
Publisher: Vivendi Universal Games
Size: 187.2 MB
OS: Windows
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Category: Demo Games
Ground Control II: Operation Exodus Demo
Ground Control II: Operation Exodus Demo
Ground Control II: Operation Exodus is a real time tactics game with war theme taking location of planet earth in the futuristic era. What you will download here is a single player demo where you can play 2 tutorial levels and a war mission.

The list of playable controls can be found in the Options-Controls menu. There are many controls there, but like in RTS games in general, you will use more combinations of mouse and keyboard. Using shortcuts to select a group of units makes your play result more efficient. Press CTRL + [number] to assign a group of troops. Then just press the [number] to reselect the group quickly.

The first tutorial introduces kinds of troop units and how to move them to certain areas or attack enemies. The second tutorial teaches you how to bring down the reinforcements to the battlefield. And at the main mission, you are given some groups of soldiers and tanks, and you must defeat forceful enemies on various terrains.

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