HaCKeR 2.0
Publisher: Michael Schoonbrood
Size: 7.9 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 731
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8.3 out of 10
Category: Puzzle Games
Hacker is an ultimate block stacking game. In the past you must have played block game 'Tetris' in which you were required to place the block in such a way over each other that no space is left in between them. Hacker is kind of advanced version of that exciting brick game that always grabbed everyone attention, from young to old. Everyone just loves this kind of game. The game was first released originally in 2000. Then its upgraded version was released in 2010 with enhanced graphics to give the game players a more fun and visually appealing experience.

Highlighting features of Hacker

The game is basically a game of block stacking in which the blocks of different shapes and sizes slowly travel downward. The purpose of the game is to stack all the falling blocks at the down bottom of the game screen. When you complete a row with blocks without leaving out any space in between, that row vanish and the level of the blocks shifts downwards giving you more time and space to adjust the blocks.

You get the higher scores when you will up more rows at a time and clear the rows. If you instantly drop down the block to fill up the row, you get extra points for this act. As you keep on making rows, you keep on moving to the next level. With every passing level, the difficulty level of the game also increases, with blocks falling faster giving you less time to adjust them.

Challenge in the game

While playing the game, every level will exhibit a progress indicator bar on each side. You progress level towards unlocking the next game level will be displayed in the left side blue color bar. There are many hindrances displayed by that bar which you overcome by building rows up to that height. After you accomplish all the hindrances, the next level will unlock.

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