Halo Zero 1.8.5
Publisher: Halo Zero
Size: 20.7 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 2,236
User Rating:

8.8 out of 10
Category: Arcade Games
Game Halo Zero is characterized by shooting the enemies before they can attack and kill you. The game is a 2D scrolling game action that is based on the famous storyline of Halo. Halo Zero will actually bring the player to different paths to reach the battle and to help the master chief, which is the objective of the main player.

The first interesting feature of the halo zero is the unlimited weapon. This is important for players because weapons are used to protect and shoot your enemies that wanted to shoot you. This weapon is the power of the player to go on and win the game. By using the weapon, there is chance that you make your objective on the game and to become the best fighters online.

Simple Graphics and Game Play

In action game Halo Zero, the cortana will not there to assist with your mission as this game only offers short monologues from the NPC soldiers that will present you with your mission on the game. There is no assistance or voiceovers that you will enjoy only concise and simple text.

When firstly coming into the game, there is need for you to change the default controls to start the game. Once you already control it, you can now enjoy playing its glory. Users will absolutely take advantages with the different struggles of the game to win the victory and save the master chief.

Shoot the game enemy using their own weapon

Just like in the 1st shooter, in this action game, player can pick up all the weapons form aliens and kill it and use the power of this as yours. This is one nice touch of Halo Zero, there are many weapons that player can use to shoot enemies, only that there are little types of alien that need to shoot in the game. There are many design enemies on the game; all you have to do is to shoot them for you to get their weapon.


  • Left/Right Arrow = Move left/right.
  • Down Arrow = Crouch down.
  • Left Click = Fire.
  • Right Click = Throw grenade.
  • Spacebar = Jump.
  • 0 on numeric = Melee Attack.
  • Page Down = Switch weapon.
  • Ctrl = Grab weapon on the ground.
  • Shift = Reload.
  • G = Switch grenade.
  • Esc = Show menu.
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