Hard Time 1.44
Publisher: MDickie
Size: 19.6 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 5,867
User Rating:

7.4 out of 10
Category: Adventure Games,
Simulation Games
Hard Time is a third person adventure-strategy game which depicts the real time life of prisoners in jail in 3D gameplay.

The story line of the game

The game starts with a story of a prisoner (you) who has been found guilty of some serious crime. You will go through a trail and will be sentenced to Southtown Correctional Facility for a short but hard time. The correction centre will focus on your rehabilitation by providing you opportunities to prove yourself and your progress improving as a person and human. Failing to do so, you will have to spend prolonged time being captivated behind the walls. And you will earn a reputation of being bad. Hard Time revolves around social life of a prisoner spent in some prison and allows the game player to feel the challenges faced in odd circumstances of the cells. Real life scenarios related to the lockups are shown with martinet wardens ensuring the extensive discipline across the prison lines. The inmates can indulge in various positive activities to learn self-discipline and to relieve themselves of grueling routine of a gaol. While, the subjects are at some freedom to perform these activities, they are strongly kept under close observation and control by the pushing wardens. Moreover, strict timetable is ensured like dinner time and lunch time etc. The prison is also locked down at nights, so you don't have choice but to go back into your cell to avoid any confrontations with the wardens.

Theme of Hard Time

Theme of the game is based on a plot that in a criminal society where number of prisoners outrun number of free citizens, the social system balance is seriously disturbed because a substantial proportion of population is in prison. The dilemma is dealt by suggesting sentences of shorter duration of much more tension, pressure and hardships instead of longer duration with normal drills. This would help to maintain the population balance between the prisoners and the citizens. Moreover, it would also lead to a faster rehabilitation of the criminals as they would have to endure more crushing time in the prison if they don't get refined. Therefore, the game carries the name of 'Hard Time'; implying the hard time spent behind the bars.

How you can play game?

You will start as a newbie in Southtown Correctional Facility. You will have a whole new arduous and dark, but at the same time exciting, experience waiting in front of you. You can choose your path and control your fate. You can either become an outlaw to earn a reputation or live a life of sanity to earn your freedom. Work on your abilities of intelligence and endurance. At the same time, you must acquire muscular sturdiness and agility to be able to combat your enemies from different brotherhoods. The prison has its own gym, study, workshop and kitchen. You can foster your intellect by digging in the study, earns some dollars by cooking in the kitchen and strengthen your core by working out in the gym. An adventurous prison compound with full of criminal inmates is calling you. Show them what you are!


  • Arrow keys = Move
  • A = Attack
  • Z = Run / defend
  • S = Grab opponent / throw item
  • X = Pick up or drop item
  • Mouse = Camera
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