Hidden and Dangerous Deluxe
Publisher: Hidden and Dangerous
Size: 264.1 MB
OS: Windows XP or higher
Total Download: 4,548
User Rating:

8.5 out of 10
Category: First Person Shooter (FPS)
The 1940s have been heavily affected by the WWII, and because of that games that have the action in that era are mostly focusing on action as well as violence during the war. Hidden and Dangerous Deluxe is a game created with a nice premise, the one that places you in the middle of the action as a member of a four-man commando squad that has to infiltrate deep into the enemy territory, with the main purpose being to attack the enemies and becoming victorious.

What makes Hidden and Dangerous Deluxe cool and exciting is the fact that despite the premise, you have a lot of tactical capabilities and you will enjoy a lot of fun moments as you play, which is really cool. There are multiple main objectives that you have to undergo, and each one off them is very demanding to say the least. There are many situations in which you will have hostiles attacking you from all sides, and you have to rely only on your abilities to survive.

Being a commando does have its own perks in Hidden and Dangerous Deluxe, because the game does manage to provide you with a wide range of ways to approach missions. You can crouch, sneak, stab enemies in the back and perform all the similar stuff you might have wanted, without any hassle.

Browsing the game world is very dangerous, because most of the time you will find enemies at all corners, but at the same time the challenge is exactly what makes this game so good and promising. You always manage to enjoy a good, fun experience, and the great thing here is that shooting is also portrayed in a very nice way that you will enjoy. Nothing is more important than fulfilling the mission in this game, and because of that all challenges that appear need to be completed so that you can move onward.

For many, Hidden and Dangerous Deluxe might seem a game that is quite hard, and to be honest there are quite a lot of sections that do bring in numerous challenges. Of course, you might argue and say that the shooting is a little lackluster, and you can be right, considering the small amount of weapons here, but on the other hand the process of using a gun here is amazingly portrayed, in a very realistic manner.

Graphically, Hidden and Dangerous Deluxe does show its age, but considering that this is a good 3D game available for free, you can't ask for that much to begin with.

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8.5 out of 10
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By: Sai, on June 23, 2020
I even loved assault cube
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