Incredi Volleyball 2.0
Publisher: MyPlayCity, Inc.
Size: 71.2 MB
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
Total Download: 8,549
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9.5 out of 10
Category: Sports Games
Incredi Volleyball is a volleyball sport game where you can play indoor volleyball on 3D graphics environment with clear layout. It depicts the cartoon visual layout adapting the real condition. You can change the athletes' look to be more interesting. Rules being put into effect is based on the formal play resulting in a more realistic and enjoyable gameplay.

Incredi Volleyball has about ten different courts to choose from. For those of you who have trouble running the game smoothly, this game provides a large selection of items for graphics settings that can be enabled or disabled. When starting the game, there are some choices of graphics settings, uncheck some items and then run and see the results. Experiment changing these settings several times until the game runs pretty smooth on your side.

In order to play even easier, Incredi Volleyball supports both gamepad/joystick and keyboard. Keys used on keyboard are adjusted based on joystick buttons. For instant play, the Quick Game menu is available there to play with just a few clicks to a match. As for the more challenging, you can play Tournament, Championship, or the Final events as well. Everything can be played for free.

In the training session, each volleyball action can be practiced. You can train for serve, smash, block, and passing skill before get involved in a match. When you feel comfortable enough in the training session, then the time to come into the Quick Games menu and be prepare for enjoying volleyball. Be informed that you can set the difficulty level to Easy or even Very Hard on your desire.


Controls are based on joystick's buttons. If you choose to use keyboard, it provides the ability to change keyboard keys if you are not comfortable with the default keys. The default keys are: 7, 8, 9, 0, I, O, P, and L keys. During a match, the keys which are commonly used are I, O, and P. They are in charge of performing serve, pass, block, and smash. When performing a serve, those three keys will do different type of serves. When the ball comes on to your area, there will be a green circle indicating the position where the ball will fall on. Make sure a player goes to near the circle to be able to reach the ball.

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