King's Island
Publisher: P.M. Studios
Size: 21.7 MB
OS: Windows
Requirements:Adobe Flash Player
Total Download: 9,783
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8.3 out of 10
Category: Adventure Games,
Role Playing Game (RPG)
So your significant other is out of town, your grades just started to drop and someone ate the last cracker you were eager to eat. Well, that certainly grinds your gears, but don't worry, you can cool it off by playing this cool game: King's Island.

The game itself is a very action oriented RPG, it's a hack n'slash game where you will basically have to crush everything in your path in order to succeed. There are basic attacks involved, and further down the game there are also magic attacks. The main character of the game, the one the player actually uses, can pick up items while on his journey, get some gold, and pretty much beat everyone he feels like beating.

The game is basically played with the mouse. You click the mouse to move, you click the mouse on top of objects to collect them and, of course, you click the mouse on top of your enemies to punch them or to kill them with any type of weapon you might have with you. The log, the spell book, inventory and characteristics are all assessed by clicking in their icon with the mouse. You can, however, you potions with the keyboard numbers in order for you to be able to take them quickly so that you won't die.

You can also find merchants in the game. These merchants let you sell items you have on your inventory, and buy items from the merchant. This is why it is good to collect every possible item you can, so you'll have money for some potions and weapons as soon as you see the merchant.

The game itself, being an RPG with so much action involved, reminds us of games such as Diablo or Path of Exile. All of these titles (including King's Island) are just amazing. In King's Island, however, there are some features we would like to see in the game that would improve it a lot.

For example, there are no mini-maps. This means that it is extremely hard to, for example, find the exit to certain areas, to find enemies that we didn't attack yet, to find items we forgot to pick up, and so on. Plus, the creators like to chat a lot, and it can get a little boring to some players, who just want some action and really don't want to stop and read the story. But then again, it's great for players interested in the storyline.

All in all, the game is pretty amazing and if you are willing to try it out. Guarantee you will not regret it. The only way you'll feel bad is at the end of the game, when you realize there's no more to play.

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