Kingdom Rush 1.13
Publisher: Armor Games
Size: 64.4 MB
OS: Windows
Requirements:Adobe Flash Player
Total Download: 4,203
User Rating:

8.3 out of 10
Category: Strategy Games
Kingdom Rush is a powerful and action packed combo of the classic version of the tower defense games and RTS action. The mission of the game is to protect your Kingdom against the various kinds of ferocious and powerful enemies including ogres, goblins, and many others.

Background of the game

The game has a fantasy medieval setting. There a various empty lots and spaces which move along the pre-arranged path for the players to build their towers. The whole background is set into an old fantasy graphics which takes you into a journey through the time.

Description of the Game

In the game the players are presented with four towers from which they can choose from. These include Archers, Mage, Artillery and Barracks. The game is set in various levels which the player is required to surpass to reach to the next level. Each increasing level is more difficult than the previous level in terms of challenges and enemies. In the start of every level, the player has a fixed amount of money in his balance which he can use to buy the towers. The monsters and horrible creatures start emerging from the one side of the path. The aim of the game is to destroy these monsters by making use of the towers and to stop them from reaching the other side of the path.

When the monsters are killed, money is generated. This money can be utilized to upgrade and buy new towers. Some particular kinds of towers are effective in killing particular kind of enemies. There are more than 60 levels of the games which can be played in different modes which guarantee long hours of excitement, thrill and action.

The players are also offered different heroes to play with but to unlock those, players need to put in some extra efforts. The leveling path is made a matter of choice for the players. After completing those paths towers can be upgraded and enhanced.

Graphics and construction of game

If the game is analyzed in terms of graphics it seems to be a fairly decent game to play. It is recommended to be played on small screen such as laptop, if one wants to enjoy its display to the fullest. The game flows smoothly, moving higher in its levels as the player keeps on completing the levels and unlocking new and enthralling features to upgrade the towers.

Overall a good challenge game!

Kingdom Rush might not have much to offer in terms of its graphics and display, but overall it's a good and enthralling challenge game full of high level action. It offers broad array of exciting and interesting challenges which keeps the players engaged and they keep on working to reach to the next level. It offers lots of game levels and various kinds of tower upgrades and combinations which can be used to kill the powerful enemies and earn points in the form of money. The game is successful in depicting its genre.

Developer's Notes:

If the game doesn't work, please get the latest flash player, it solves many problems:

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