Publisher: Warner Bros Entertainment
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OS: Windows
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9.4 out of 10
Category: Demo Games
The adventure of Marvel superheroes such as Thor, Captain America, Spiderman and others gives special entertainment for fans. This chance is used by Warner Bros to optimize the entertainment world by creating the gaming version of their superheroes.

LEGO MARVEL Super Heroes brings satisfaction to everone as they can experience the power of each character of the avenger heroes. Shown in the form of lego toys, this game doesn't decrease the joy factors of the movie. Even though players only play the lego version, but they can feel the strong graphics and environment coming from the game as it is similarly implemented based on the movie.

In the demo version, you are going to play Hulk, Ironman, and Spiderman. When the game starts, only two heroes are available. When you can progress to the next challenge, Spiderman comes in and the game become tenser. And the anti-hero involved in this demo, come the Sandman and Abomination. As a superhero fan, you will not let this go. Download and play, and many fun things are awaiting.


In case you can not find the game's shortcut / link on desktop or Windows start menu after installation, you can create a new one as follows:

  • Open Windows Explorer (Press Windows + E).
  • Locate and open this folder:

    C:\Program Files\Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment\LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Demo

    .. for 64 bit system, please locate and open this folder:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment\LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Demo

  • Right-click on LEGOMarvelDemo.exe, choose Create shortcut, then click Yes.
  • A new shortcut should be available on your desktop. In order to launch the game, simply double-click that new shortcut.
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9.4 out of 10
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"Marvel Super Heroes Demo"
By: Gishinge Augustin, on September 10, 2020
Why isn't the.setup.running
"it's running"
By: Gamer, on September 15, 2020
hi, just downloaded and installed, it runs good here
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