Lion King
Publisher: GameFabrique
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OS: Windows
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9.3 out of 10
Category: Arcade Games,
Kids Games
Are you a fan of Disney's classic animated movies? How about playing a game about one of your classic Disney favorites, none other than the Lion King? The Lion King is a perfect game in small platforms that is completely based on one of the popular animated films from Disney, Lion King.

Lion King is focused for the player to play as Simba, as the cub and also the adults as you progress in the game. Whether you choose the cub or adult character of Simba, you will be facing individual perils and adventures for each character.

Known for Being a Classic Arcade Game

Lion King is not an exception when it comes to be among the best examples of amazing and exciting games in an arcade style. Its unique design is created not only to be played by a certain generation but also be played by the succeeding generations to come. Regardless of how old the player is, you will surely enjoy and learn to love this game. You cannot easily resist seeing and playing as the little Simba and enjoy seeing him jumping over giraffe heads, chameleons and even an adult badass lion.

Just like other side scroller games, the main goal in this game is to continuously move to the right side of your screen by rolling, dodging or jumping over different obstacles or animals blocking your way. At first, the game may seem simple. However, this game is designed in a time where people still have many creative thoughts and were all combined in a particular game. With this game, you will enjoy the fair share of creativity of the creators with the clever puzzles that you have to go through and figure out just to advance in the next levels of the game.

An Old Released Game yet Still Offers Great Looks and Excitement

When talking about the classics, everyone can easily apply to it. Anyone can't help themselves in feeling nostalgic and at the same time being a bit generous when evaluating things from the past. Though this game was released in around 1994 and its graphics may need a lot of improvement, you would still appreciate how beautiful the entire game looks like and you would still enjoy its entirety as you play it. If you have played old games before, then you will surely appreciate how the graphics in this game looks like and still enjoy it.

Regardless of its graphics, you can easily appreciate and feel impressed with the overall atmosphere of the game right from the design to other details. As you start the game, you would be jumping through the lively greens of the jungles along with the greatly colored sunset as its background. Then as you progress, you will notice the color tones reducing and will slowly be replaced by fire and caves.

In regards with the gameplay, its overall dynamics is great. The character animations and even the controls are easy to learn. As for the verdict of the game as a whole, you will never get bored with it and even let your friends, your siblings or even your children play with it.


  • Arrow keys = Move
  • Ctrl = Roar
  • Shift = Jump
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