Little Painter v2.0   pick
Publisher: LearningForKids
Size: 3 MB
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/9
Total Download: 2,003
User Rating:

8 out of 10
Category: Kids Games
Little Painter is a friend of your kids in painting and playing in front computer. Little Painter is a simple kids painting game with clear interface, colorful buttons, and a large set of friendly painting tools such as pencil, brush, line, text, fill with color, shapes, stamps and other interesting tools that your kids will love.

Little Painter enables you to load and save images in popular extensions/formats including bmp, jpg, gif, png, and tga. Little painter also enable users to download ready black and white images from internet so they can colorize and add any creative imagination on it, and then save it on disk for later repainting.

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