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Publisher: BubbleBox
Size: 8.3 MB
OS: Windows
Requirements:Adobe Flash Player
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5 out of 10
Category: Puzzle Games
Magic Pen is a browser-based and free-to-play 2D game with an amazing blend between drawing simple shapes (even distorted ones count!) and solving intricate puzzles. This game offers 2 modes for its players, one of which is the freeplay mode.

In freeplay, you can unleash your imagination and create whatever you want by drawing them out! However, the natural (or virtual, in this case) laws of physics apply so you won't be able to build something in mid-air. It's amazing how tough drawing can be when you have to take physics into account. Try building as high a tower as you can get without causing it falling like a stack of unbalanced Jenga, or even better yet, try building your own 2D castle! You know you want to!

The other mode that Magic Pen provides is the puzzle mode. Here, you will need to draw circles, bridges or mechanisms,which use hinges and pins to connect two objects together, to push the little red ball through all the flags in the game. Each game has absolutely no time limit, so you can take your own sweet time to devise your strategy. In this game, you can draw a swing or drop a ball on it to get the red ball rolling. Draw ramps to let your ball roll up or down slopes - steps are, after all, your red ball's worst enemy! You can also draw triangles or whatever shape that you can muster to stop your ball from speeding off the edge of the screen - you wouldn't want to have to restart the whole level again, do you? Furthermore, bear in mind that realistic physics apply in this game, so a bridge that is floating in mid-air without any support beams will take a leaf out of London bridge's book and start to fall down, taking your poor red ball along with it.

The puzzles in Magic Pen are amazing in giving your brain a workout and there are currently 27 brain-stimulating levels for you to solve! In addition, you can challenge yourself further by trying to solve each puzzle with the lowest number of shapes used.You can also share this game to your friends on your many social media sites and challenge them to play. Compete with each other and see who has the best score!

In short, Magic Pen is an extremely fun, challenging and creativepuzzle and drawing game that is based on actual laws of physics! Give your brain a run for the money with the many puzzle levels or activate your creative side and build something amazing in the freeplay mode! Don't forget to share and get your friends to join in on the fun!


- Press Q then click "How to play" to see the tutorial.
- Press Space key to restart level.

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