Mario Forever: Block Party 2.0
Publisher: Softendo
Size: 29.9 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 970
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10 out of 10
Category: Puzzle Games
Our hero, Mario, is once again facing the evils of cunning Bowser. Mario Forever: Block Party brings you brand new adventures of 'Mario in the mushroom kingdom'. Evil Bowser has filled the realm of mushroom kingdom with some dangerous magic blocks in order to destroy Mario's homeland. So, you must help Mario to save the mushroom kingdom by removing and destroying the evil blocks laid by Bowser.

Theme of the game

Mario Forever: Block Party themes the most famous game setting of 'Mario and his Mushroom Kingdom' with the game play of puzzles. So, you will be playing Mario in solving puzzles making your brain worked and, at the same time, enjoyed and refreshed with the elegant outlook of Mushroom Kingdom. The classical feats of Mario are enhanced to a whole new enchanting experience. There are over hundred levels full of excitement and fun which are going to test your strategic advancements while destroying the evil blocks.

Description of the game

This time you are fighting no monsters instead you are dealing with magic blocks. You have to plan your moves right from the start. A single bad move can get you trapped between evil boxes and you will fail the level. Thus, Mario Forever: Block Party requires you to think carefully and strategically before each move and plan ahead at the same time. On your way to destroying magic blocks, you will gather certain recourse such as bombs, ladders, and boxes to supplement your expedition. However, you must use them very wisely where required because those resources are provided only as much to let you pass the level; no extras. Therefore, using them whimsically would again get you trapped.

Designing and Graphics

Mario Forever: Block Party incorporates excellent game design and graphics. The colorful sceneries and backdrops are mesmerizing. Moreover, the game play is further enriched by the playback of pleasant and ecstatic background music. So, all way through your delighting cerebral workout while breaking the magic blocks, you will experience extraordinary game play. The controls are very simple and easy to use. For example, to go left, press left, to go right, press right, and to plant bomb or use any other item, press space. However, our Mario can't jump in this version of game. And this is the beauty of the game. Your moves should be crafted while keeping this in mind that once you descend, then there's no way to go up by jumping. However, there are ladders which can take you up, but that's another thing.

So, when you are trapped between magic blocks, the game is ended and you are failed unless there's a ladder. Mario Forever: Block Party also includes some additional stages that are more difficult and challenging as compared to the normal ones. So, once again you and Mario are at the front, fighting the deceitful schemes of Bowser. Therefore, visualize your steps, master your moves, and approach proactively to win victory over the demon. Hence, it's your call to save the Kingdom of Mushrooms from the magical blocks of Bowser.

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