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Category: Puzzle Games
Match 3 games are by far some of the most addicting game types out there, and Mayan Maze is a game that manages to provide a one of a kind appeal as it allows you to engage in exploring an immense, extraordinary game world filled with puzzles.

The main idea of each level in Mayan Maze is rather simple, because you need to make sure that you create groups of at least 3 balls. Your purpose is to remove all those balls from the board before they reach the skull, otherwise the game will end.

Movement in Mayan Maze is very simple as you need to move the pad with your mouse, either left or right, choose where you want to shoot and create the 3 ball set you need. You can also right click to swap the balls at any given time, a mechanic that we found very easy to use and suitable for those intense moments in which no match can be made.

As you play you will be able to earn cash that you can use in the in-game shop. Here you will have the opportunity to purchase a wide range of interesting artifact that will bring you various powers to help you complete levels faster.

Alongside that, Mayan Maze also offers you the ability to occasionally find bonuses on the game board, but before they are used you will need to catch them first, an extraordinary and highly immersive mechanic that makes the game experience an interesting one.

Based on experiences, Mayan Maze is all about skill so by playing the game you will be able to gain a much better sense of attention and reaction, something that makes the game perfect for a lot of situations.

The more you play Mayan Maze, the difficult it gets, but this is to be expected from a match three game. Latter levels require you to pay a lot of attention in regards to the balls you shoot and their direction, so some strategic placement is necessary. We also felt that the speed of the balls increases as you play, something that does add to the difficulty too.

Mayan Maze comes with a very good interface that shows you how much progress you have within the game, as well as the current score and the levels you are in. It's important to know that in Mayan Maze you will have multiple lives, usually around 3, so even if the balls reach the skull, you still have a little time to make things right.

Graphics in Mayan Maze are lovely and very nicely implemented, so you will definitely enjoy playing the game as the backgrounds are lovely and animated. The animations are very fluid as well, and all of these combined provide a stellar, interesting game experience!

Overall, Mayan Maze is a great match 3 games that offers a lot of variety and interesting things to do. It's nicely created, has a ton of levels so you will enjoy playing it. We recommend you to check it out, as you will not be disappointed!

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