Mayel Remix
Publisher: The Freak World
Size: 151.8 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 113
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Category: Arcade Games
Mayel Remix is about the adventure of a boy named Mayel who dares to enter a fantasy world full of dangers. He can run horizontally, jump over high cliffs, throw weapons at enemies, and collect golden coins while avoiding dangerous objects and enemies.

The Freak World, the team that created this game, provides 40 levels that you can play along with 10 worlds, more than 5 powerups, and 17 original songs, all is united in a 90s retro tv mode.

The keyboard controls for playing include arrow keys for running and jumping, while the Z, X, and C buttons are used to attack enemies. Collected coins will prevent you from quick gameover, therefore collect as many coins as possible for longer gameplay.

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