Melbourne Cup Challenge Demo
Publisher: Sidhe Interactive
Size: 131.2 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 545
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5 out of 10
Category: Demo Games
Melbourne Cup Challenge offers you a horse racing simulation. Take a part in a whole part of the tournament or just try to ride the horse as fast as possible. The Melbourne Cup Challenge was released by Sidhe Interactive in 2006.

At first you will know it's not that easy to make the horse always runs fast along the whole track. The key is the stamina of the horse. When it runs out, the horse will slow down. So you have to figure out when to whip the horse and when to let it run straight. However, as the jockey is approaching the finish line, that is the time to put all of the strength forward.

In term of graphics and animation, Melbourne Cup Challenge can present a decent quality. And since this is a classic game, chances are you will have no trouble playing it on your computer, unless you have a fairly old machine.


  • Arrow keys = Speed up / Steer.
  • Spacebar = Whip.
  • X / Z = Look right/left.
  • C = Change camera.
  • P = Pause.
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