Men of Valor Demo
Publisher: Vivendi Universal
Size: 434.4 MB
OS: Windows
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10 out of 10
Category: Demo Games
War in Vietnam is often associated to jungle, forcing all soldiers to prepare for guerrilla warfare. The situation is certainly different from one in open places like in the middle of a city. Enemies can show up suddenly at any time from the scrub and immediately attack you mercilessly.

Men of Valor brings you into the atmosphere of guerrilla warfare in the middle of the wilderness in Vietnam. All soldiers are vulnerable. And enemies are very nimble running among the trees, making you have to be wary towards anything around.

Just a suggestion, in order to get more bullets, go near the enemy's already-shot body, then press Spacebar for a few seconds to grab his weapon and bullet. This could be helpful because supply of ammunition is rather limited and therefore seizing the ammunition from enemy can be a good alternative.


  • WASD = Forward, Backward, Left, Right.
  • Shift = Walk.
  • C = Crouch.
  • V = Prone.
  • Left Mouse = Fire.
  • Mouse Wheel = Next/Previous Weapon.
  • Right Mouse = Precise aim mode.
  • Q = Quick Grenade Throw.
  • R = Reload.
  • 1 - 4 = Use Weapon.
  • Spacebar = Use.
  • ... etc, see in Options menu.
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