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Do you love Disney movies and Disney characters? Have you been an admirer of Mickey Mouse, Minnie mouse, Donald, Goofy and other classic Disney cartoon characters? Then the interesting Mickey mouse Hidden objects game will fascinate and attract you. It is a free online game which can also be downloaded for enjoying it offline.

The goal of the game

The game falls into the category of puzzle games. The game aims to assess the observation skills of the players as the player has to identify and find the hidden objects in the displayed picture in the 20 seconds time. The faster the player finds them all, the more quickly he moves to the next level. The age group for which the game is intended is from 7 years to 13 years. But the older children and even adults can enjoy this interesting game to check out their assessment and observation skills.

The description of the game

The game has classic Disney's club house sort of theme featuring the classic Disney characters which still fascinate and excite the children. The game is based on finding and locating the hidden objects in the displayed picture which has a Mickey Mouse theme. The bottom of the displayed screen exhibits the list of the objects that are scattered and hidden all over the screen. The target of the player is to locate all of those hidden objects in the picture. After the player identifies all the objects, he can proceed to the next level.

Levels of the game

The level of difficulty keeps on increasing as the player moves forward. It keeps on becoming more difficult to find the hidden objects in the next level. This requires keen observation and concentration from the player. The game specially attracts the young children's attention as they love these adorable and ever green Disney characters.

The game is designed to retain the interest of the players. Every next and rising level features different cartoon characters themed pictures. The complete layout of the pictures is quite interesting, fascinating and captivating with intricate details. With proceeding levels, it becomes quite difficult to locate the hidden objects, with ease. Once the hidden object is located, the player needs to click on that object with the mouse to identify it.

Themes of the Mickey Mouse hidden objects pictures

There are many different themes given to the pictures which keeps the players involved in the game and raise their curiosity about what kind of theme the next picture will display. These themes includes garage theme, farm house and village theme, the pyramid theme and many more. The related objects to the theme which needs to be identified are displayed in the bar at the bottom of the screen.

In a nutshell, it is quite an interesting and nice game if you are looking to test your observation skills. The interesting and fun pictures of Mickey Mouse based themes are sure joy for every age group.

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