Micro Machines V4 Demo
Publisher: Codemasters
Size: 237.6 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 187
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6 out of 10
Category: Demo Games
Micro Machines V4 features an unusual type of race. As the name implies, you will play a small car and the tracks are also set in the unique environment. You will race on the kitchen table, on the roof of the house, and even in the chicken coop.

Determination of the winner is also quite different. Crossing the finish line at the first place does not guarantee winning, but if you are far enough away in front of other cars or another car falls off the track it will give you one point. If the total points are filled then you will be the winner.

Along the track there are power-ups in the form of missiles or other useful objects that can be used to block other cars and grab the position. There are three playable tracks in this demo and up to three enemy cars controlled by computer. The level of difficulty also varies from easy to hard.


  • Arrow keys = Accelerate, turn left/right, brake/reverse.
  • A = Fire power-up.
  • S = Drop power-up.
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