Microsoft Flight Simulator X Demo
Publisher: Microsoft Games Studio
Size: 798.3 MB
OS: Windows
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10 out of 10
Category: Demo Games
Microsoft Flight Simulator X brings players the sensation of being a pilot when flying an airplane. You can choose from many available airports for take off and landing, and fly any type of airplane at your liking.

In this demo game, you can perform a free flight using five different airplanes and 12 airports. Choose the weather, time of day and season, then fly freely while enjoying the view from the air. At the end, perform a good landing on the available runway without crash.

The game allows user to adjust the graphics quality based to computer specs. However, because this game came from 2006 which is very classic, so chances are your computer will be able to handle it even with the ultra high settings.

Here are some keyboard keys you will probably use often. For a complete list, click the menu: Settings - Controls - Buttons/Keys.

  • F2 / F3 = Throttle (Decrease / Increase).
  • F1 / F4 = Throttle (Cut / Full).
  • Up Arrow / Down Arrow = Elevator.
  • Left Arrow / Rigth Arrow = Aileron.
  • . (period) = Brake (Press and hold).
  • S, A = Views.
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"I made a video about this"
By: Young, on March 13, 2022
here a video of this game:


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