Milky Bear Riches Raider 2
Publisher: GameTop
Size: 14.9 MB
OS: Windows
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Category: Arcade Games,
Puzzle Games
Milky Bear Riches Raider 2
Milky Bear Riches Raider 2
The milky bear adventure continues. This time the bear has to collect all gems in order to pass to the next level. But he is not alone in the environment, there are some wild animals that must be avoided so as not to lose. When all gems have been collected, the door to the next level will appear and simply get to the door for final action before being caught by the monkey.

Also there are useful bombs that help complete the mission. Use the bombs to destroy the land so that it can be used to escape chase.

There are two game modes available, they are Tasks For Kids and Serious Campaign. In Serious Campaign there are elements of puzzle involved, making you have to think hard when collecting certain gems that are placed in a position that is difficult to take. Use your best logic to overcome all the puzzles.

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