Miragine War
Publisher: MoFunZone
Size: 12.6 MB
OS: Windows
Requirements:Adobe Flash Player
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8.9 out of 10
Category: Action Games,
Arcade Games
Miragine war is a simple strategy game, with a very simple concept. It is one of those games that are simply easy to learn but hard to master - which makes it challenging and appealing at the same time. Essentially, the game is played in a simple scenario where two factions face one-on-one in simple terrain. You have to your availability a few different types of units each one with its unique capabilities.

Units will spawn automatically as you choose them to spawn when a timer reaches zero. Units in game will provide income to the players, and this income will be used for the players to be able to acquire more units. While there is a certain amount of possible strategies to be used in the game which makes it interesting and engaging, there are also a lot of key strategy factors missing in this simple game, taking away possible advantages for extremely experienced players.

Some units have more power against certain units, adding an aspect to the game that allows players to counter each other's strategy. The game ends up being played in a spawning phase where the smartest and fastest player will gain the upper hand by countering his opponent.

Miragine war is a strategy that is hard to manage at first since all the information is presented to the player at first without any real introduction to the game and, as such, it gets pretty overwhelming to keep up with everything in it. In order to cope with this, the game does offer several difficulties in which the player can train. The easiest difficulty is extremely easy to beat and at the first try it is possible for the player to win.

While certain strategies can be devised within the game, it is clear that the game has its limits. Further into a match, the game starts revealing them by limiting the amount of income players receive. This means that is a player had advantage throughout the match and reaches the limit, his opponent can simply match his income as well and then it gets a little bit boring due to the lack of advantage systems included. It is clear why there needs to be a limit, since the battlefield would be filed up with units at a certain point.

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