MotoGP 2 Demo
Publisher: THQ
Size: 86.7 MB
OS: Windows
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8.8 out of 10
Category: Demo Games
MotoGP 2 is a 3D Grand Prix motorcycle racing game created by Climax Brighton especially for PC and Xbox. This is the second release of the MotoGP series with gameplay based on the 2002 MotoGP season. In this demo version, you will race at Malaysia's Sepang circuit and can play using the Rookie and Pro difficulties. Some racing skills such as wheelie, burnout, and powerslide can easily be done for fun.


  • Arrow keys = accelerate, brake, lean to the left, and lean to the right.
  • Z / X = rear brake / front brake.
  • D / C = lean forward / lean back.
  • W = change the camera view.
  • Q = look back.
  • ESC = pause
Some tips:
  • Press D for better speed and stability on the straight track.
  • To perform Powerslide = double-tap the up-arrow key when leaning to the left or right.
  • To perform Wheelie = slow down then accelerate + press C.
  • To perform Endos = press X + D while releasing up-arrow key.
  • To perform Burnout = when motorcycle stops or runs very slow, press X and up-arrow.
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