Motocross The Force 0.964
Publisher: Benoit CHAPEROT
Size: 16.1 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 2,776
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8.1 out of 10
Category: Racing Games
Motocross The Force
Motocross The Force 0.964
Race your way through various challenging tracks on your trusty motorbike in Motocross: The Force! The game features rather good graphics for a fully free-to-play and stand-alone game and the shrill roar of your bike's engine in this game is absolutely thrilling to hear.

To start playing, you will need to choose your favourite-coloured dirt bike and then you will need to select a matching biker... or not - It's up to you! Don't forget to change the default name of the biker to a name that you would like. Next, you will need to choose a track to challenge!

The game has 25 different tracks - some are long and tricky while some are shorter, but no less tricky. Each track will definitely include tall slopes, wavy slopes, tight corners and plenty of other challenging biking feats. There are also different terrains for the tracks, including deserts, canyons, snow plains and grasslands. There is not much difference between these terrains, except that the roads on snow plains are harder to see.

The controls in the game are simple enough - just press the appropriate arrow keys to accelerate, brake, and turn left or right. However, if you're thinking to 'own' this game by speeding through all of the tracks, well, think again. In order to master this game, you'll need to be a master at adapting the speed of your bike with the track. There are also other factors, such as the angle of your bike when you land from a fall, may determine whether you will flip over or will stay on your bike intact. Even if you're slightly off-balance, you may risk falling from your bike. Hence, falling from your motorcycle is a rather common scene in Motocross: The Force.

There is no apparent objective, like being the first biker to cross the finish line after completing, let's say, 3 laps, in this game. Instead, the game is endless. You can race around the tracks completing laps non-stop,though the time for you to complete each lap will be noted. The only competitive thing to do here is to compare the duration you take to complete each lap and to try beat your own previous time. To accomplish this, you will need to ensure that your bike is always on or near to the marked tracks as points will be given that will accumulate to a 'lap'. There are also several fail-safes built into the game to prevent cheating in this game. For example, you can't try sneaking to cross the finish line by doubling back instead of completing a full lap.

In short, Motocross: The Force is anamazing dirt biking game that can be played casually,as it is fun to see how you can avoid getting your biker thrown off his bike. Be warned though - the game is extremely challenging and trying to stay balanced can be a great feat. Think you can do it? Challenge yourself and try the game today!


Up, Left, Right, and Down arrow keys to accelerate, turn left, turn right, and brake.

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"booooo. stupid game"
By: dresferta, on January 3, 2021
very goooood graphics
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