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Publisher: GameTop
Size: 23.3 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 71,870
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9 out of 10
Category: Racing Games
Motoracing is an incredible racing game that has a dynamic camera, very realistic background and features as well as 3D graphics. Most of the players want a game that can actually let them feel like they are in the shoes of the main characters of the game.

In motoracing, user has many options when it comes to the bike that they are going to use because there are a variety of specifications that can perfectly match or fit any of the play style in the game. The player can advance or move on in the career mode by winning the different races against the enemies or opponents that have diverse racing abilities. During the game, the player can also have some interesting and exciting tricks like knocking the nearby enemy off their bike or tricks in making big and high jumps that can add to your gaming points.

You can also have chance to choose a name for your racer in this game and to select the bike that you are going to use from the wide selection of hi-end bikes that are very good for racing activities. Each bike has different performances and capabilities including their speed, acceleration and the handling power. What's more interesting about this game is you can show your style and uniqueness by choosing your favorite color scheme.

With motoracing, you can challenge yourself how good and great you are in controlling your racer in each level. This game will never bore you to death because it has 3 gameplay options that you can choose from to have different racing experiences. These gameplay options are the quick race, the second one is the career and then the new career.

In the quick race, you will have to compete and win the race against the seven other racers. The race will start from the Lakes Valley, which is a very easy racetrack. Your ultimate goal in this level is to win the race and earn many points. You can also add some points here by performing big jumps or knocking down your enemies. Don't let them kick you off your racing bike or else you will lose the game. The other gameplay options have the same conditions with the quick race but there are some differences that you will encounter during the game.

Enjoy the detailed graphics of this 3D game plus with the real sound of booing fans and even the chirping of the birds. Download it now and experience the ultimate motocross experience by playing motoracing.

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9 out of 10
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By: Anima, on November 22, 2017
seems the game needs high spec. anyway it's a good game
"Motoracing spec"
By: Anon, on February 21, 2024
it does not require high specs, i played it on my core 2 duo pc without a gpu perfectly, but when i tried it on my laptop with a i3 5th gen processor and intel hd 5500, it was terrible, idk why
"good game"
By: Noah, on February 26, 2024
runs good in my win10 laptop.
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