Need for Speed Underground Demo
Publisher: Electronic Arts Inc
Size: 219.5 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 4,151
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9.2 out of 10
Category: Demo Games
Need for Speed Underground (known as NFSU) is an extreme car racing game developed by EA Black Box and published by Electronic Arts Inc in 2003. NFSU will bring you magnificent racing experience on open tracks around the city. There are cars running across the streets that should be avoided while keeping the car at maximum velocity.

You needn't always push the throttle. Sometimes you will need to release the throttle or even e-braking or just short brake in order to stay on track and not hit the road border. While on a straight line, use Nitro as long as possible to burst the speed. Use nitro efficiently since only limited usage provided. In this demo version, you can play quick race on a single circuit as well as race online against up to three other players. One missing feature in this game is no cop that can add tension because the race track is performed at center of urban areas.


  • Up arrow = Acceleration
  • Right / Left arrow key = Turn to right/left
  • Down arrow = Brake
  • Right-Shift = emergency brake
  • N or Spacebar = Nitros
  • C = Change camera
  • R = Reset Car
  • B = Look back
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