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Publisher: olav_2
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Kids Games
Omnitux is a fun-educational application/game for preschool kids compiled in digital multimedia form containing exciting images, audio, and text. Currently Omnitux contains nine types of games in which has several kinds of activities, and each activity has levels with different forms. Some of them as follows:
  • Mouse Manipulation: Move the mouse pointer around to see the real picture.
  • Associations: Find the correct picture.
  • Memory Cards: Find two similar pictures.
  • Jigsaw Puzzles: Rearrange the pieces of a picture.
  • Differences: Find different parts between two images.
  • Numbers: Learn to count things.
  • Writing: Learn letters from A to Z.
  • Arts: Know musical notes and famous buidings.
  • Geography: Explore map of countries.
Note: For activities that have penguin with a question mark (?), click the mark to hear what you must find, then drag the correct picture to the question mark.
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