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Publisher: Opus Pocus Team
Size: 184.9 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 285
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Category: Puzzle Games
Opus Pocus is a logic/puzzle game that is packaged in the form of a pop-up book, a three-dimensional book which, if opened, will folds up the paper in a way that form 3-dimensional objects. This Game is developed by five students from Unity3D and is available for free.

Opus Pocus takes place in a beautiful magical world. The main character can do magic by folding the land to the left and right, which is intended to find a way to get to the golden key and open the portal gate to the next level.

Controlling the player is performed using keys: W, A, S, D. Use the mouse to move camera direction. Press Spacebar to jump, E for interaction, and F + Mouse to fold the land to the left or right.

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