Painkiller SP Demo 3
Publisher: DreamCatcher Interactive
Size: 181.1 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 991
User Rating:

6.3 out of 10
Category: Demo Games
An extremely intense and adrenaline pumping shooting game available for free of charge by DreamCatcher for you, Painkiller SP Demo 3. Inside it, you will hold heavy weapons to fight against ferocious monstrous enemies taking location at an abandoned military base.

The demo uses the latest Painkiller's engine that gives more realistic and more attractive graphic effects to the game. The keyboard controls used are those common to most FPS games such as W,A,S,D buttons to move, left/right mouse button to shoot, mouse wheel to switch between weapons, and Spacebar to jump. Don't forget that it also provides F5 and F9 for quick save and quick load whenever needed.

It also combines some kinds of puzzles in the form of secret rooms and gold trophies hidden in certain places. But most of all, tense warfare along with massive explosions and brutal gunfire is the main core of Painkiller.


  • If the game does not show up after launch, you may try this solution.
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