Penumbra Free Full Game 1.1
Publisher: Frictional Games
Size: 156.8 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 10,942
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9.5 out of 10
Category: Horror Games
Penumbra Free Full Game
Penumbra Free Full Game 1.1
Penumbra is a series of survival horror games created by Frictional Games. It was originally developed as the first episode of an episodic trilogy. The game has mixture of adventure, psychological horror, and survival horror. The game also uses advanced artificial intelligence designed to emphasize avoidance and stealth over direct conflict.

There is no weapon or firearms involve in the game. The player will find himself in an underground in Greenland in search for his lost father. The player will be focused on exploring and solving the mystery through collecting objects to solve the puzzles. Mostly, the game involves finding keys and other objects that can be used in the latter part of the game. Penumbra also offers physics-based puzzles where player must manipulate certain objects such as desk drawers, doors, and switches on machinery. As you go through the game, you will never know what to expect.

Game Story

Penumbra started with a brief narration from the lead character named Philip. He is a physicist who went into an uninhabited area to search for his allegedly dead father. When he arrived in the place, he could not bear the cold weather which led him to stay in a mine. As he explored the surroundings, Philip started to put the pieces of story and lead him to discover the existence of mutated creatures and psychoactive toxins. He then met a man named Red who is willing to help in exchange of money.

Game Tactics

Imagine facing challenges without weapons. The physics engine of the game uses the Newton Game Dynamics which allow you to interact with different objects in other ways where drawers and doors need to be pulled to keep you safe from evil. Every object creates a sound based on force and surface. In order to survive in the game, you will rely on every object you see around you.

The game will put you in a difficult situation. Objects you step on or touch will create different sounds, you will start to have limited resources, and your generator runs out. To survive the game, stay vigilant because you'll never know what is waiting for you in the dark. Make sure you something to use to fix a generator. Pick up the tools that you might think useful for your survival. Another essential thing that you must possess is the ability to read notes scattered in the mine. Those written notes will help you to solve the puzzle. It contains clues on how to pass a certain area. The player will have also access to a notebook containing important information.

Great Game Atmosphere

Penumbra offers an interesting gameplay style with interesting story. The developer made a game that can awaken your adrenaline without the presence of physical fights and bloody scenes. Penumbra will definitely catch your attention for its creepy and unsettling atmosphere. Occasionally, you will feel frightened, overwhelmed, and helpless. You will be disturbed of the atmosphere knowing that you are not alone in the dark.

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9.5 out of 10
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By: akyu, on January 11, 2014
exciting game, squeezing my brain ... but i like it
"second door ?"
By: rob, on January 11, 2014
ok i make it on first door, what about second door? i get stuck, any suggestion ?
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