PlanetPenguin Racer
Publisher: PlanetPenguin
Size: 7.7 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 2,395
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9.3 out of 10
Category: Other Games
PlanetPenguin Racer
PlanetPenguin Racer
PlanetPenguin Racer is a lightweight casual game where you are challenged to play a sliding game on the ice. Take control of Tux the penguin to follow the predetermined track as soon as possible and collect all the herrings spread along the way.

The controls are quite simple. All you need to control the penguin are the arrow keys, E, R, and T keys. The penguin will slide down on the sloping field, but you can make it slide faster by pressing the up arrow key. The turn is done by pressing the left and right arrow keys. To turn sharply, press the down arrow and the left/right arrows simultaneously. Also there is the E button to jump and T for trick.

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