Praetorians Demo
Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Size: 73.9 MB
OS: Windows
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Category: Demo Games
Praetorians is a 3D real time strategy game published by Eidos Interactive in 2003. It focuses more on warfare strategy rather than resource management.

The game presents the story in the heyday of the ancient Roman empire in which the kingdom was expanding its power. In the demo version, player will play the episode "Crossing the river Arar". Its main mission is to conquer areas around the river Arar from enemy domination and to build a bridge over the river so that the army can cross safely.

Game controlling is done by using combination of mouse and keyboard as in other RTS games. Do a mouse click over a group of army to make a selection. Then right-click on a certain area to move the selected army to that area. SHIFT-Click will select more than one army. You can also create a shortcut for the selected troops by pressing CTRL+number. After that, simply press the number to select the troops quickly.

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