Prince of Persia
Publisher: ePlaybus
Size: 989 KB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 12,544
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9 out of 10
Category: Adventure Games
Prince of Persia is an adventure game which became more famous from the beginning until now that it was being played by many people. Its state of the art animation has no difference with other advanced games which provides great and exciting feeling to the players.

The game Prince of Persia is a game of adventure that requires you to navigate into throne room of the Vizier and stop him before he could unleash the Sand of time. The eight minute game should be successfully done by the player to stop the completion of Vizier's limitless power. This exciting game is very easy to play. However you should know how to play this before you go the mission of avoiding the Vizier's goal. The games mechanics include as follow:

  • Make use of the arrow keys on the keyboard to let the Prince move on all different directions.
  • Next, use shift key to grab on the ledges and pick the items.
  • Hold the shift key while you are pressing the arrow keys to make the Prince walk. Through walking, the Prince will be able to stand closely on the edges and pass along the spikes.
  • If you struggle to perform the trick which is Standing Forward lump, you can use the keyboard's space bar to do that move.
  • When it is in combat mode, left and right key arrows will allow the Prince to move ahead or will be away from his enemy.
  • Press up if you want to block an attack coming from the enemies and press down if you want to put away the Prince's sword just in case you want him to escape.
These mechanics are very easy to follow especially when you already have mastered the tricks or the right ways on how you are going to stop the Vizier's goal and defeat him. When you are already in the game, you should not miss every step to get the right way of defeating Vizier. Defeating the Vizier is hard as he will make sure to get his own goal too. Play the game repeatedly as long as you want to make sure you are going to master every level. Every level of the game is very exciting so be sure to understand the mechanics well.

Prince of Persia is a fun game. Its great graphics and animation effects are also perfect. If you want to play this and complete all of the game levels, try getting this through downloading. Prince of Persia game is really good with simple mechanics that will make sure you get the Prince's goal successful. It is for free so there is nothing to worry about your money. The player of the game or for those who are just planning to play the game, it is a must for you to know that the game is really exciting so this may be addictive especially for young generation.

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