Room War
Publisher: The Game Creators
Size: 13.3 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 1,389
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3.8 out of 10
Category: Other Games
Room War is a very intriguing and at the same time exciting game, because it manages to provide lots of incentives right from the start. The overall story in Room War is simple, all you have to do is to fly in a room as you try to protect your Alienware system from the oncoming aliens that want to destroy it at all costs. What makes the game interesting is that alongside the great visuals, it also manages to provide a very interesting gameplay.

The whole action you can see during the game will be experienced from the board of the ship you are piloting. You basically receive a cockpit view that has a great, overlaid HUD which allows you to lock on to the enemies and then shoot.

The whole locking system in this game is very unique and interesting, something that you are bound to like right from the start. Simply put, you use the cursor keys to more and control your speed, then you can shoot and lock onto enemies with the mouse buttons. All of these add together in order to form a very good, exciting experience that you are bound to appreciate right from the start.

It's nice to see that the game has a great set of visuals as well, that successfully manage to compliment the action on the screen and take it to a whole new level. While the game looks amazing, you will find a few graphical glitches, especially at high speed, but these are negligible, and instead what you get is an astounding level of detail and a stellar experience.

The aliens in Room War are depicted in a very realistic fashion. Simply put, not only they manage to look great, but at the same time, they are definitely one of the main reasons why you will play the game in the first place, because they continually manage to bring new challenges in front of you at all times.

You get 2 enemy ships that you can attack at all times and these are on your side, which means that they can come towards you at any given time. The fact that you can fully explore the bedroom just makes the game a lot more interesting because there's a large playground that you can take full advantage of right from the start.

However, the main thing that will keep you playing Room War is the action packed feeling you get from it. Simply put, this is more than just a simple funny game, instead it's an adrenalin pumping, attention requiring title that will always manage to impress you. Room War is one of the best action games that you have ever seen, so if you want a good, exciting and action packed game, then this might very well be what you seek!

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