Secret Weapons Over Normandy Demo
Publisher: LucasArts
Size: 160.1 MB
OS: Windows
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10 out of 10
Category: Demo Games
Secret Weapons Over Normandy is an air combat simulation game developed by Totally Games and published by LukasArts in 2003. This demo version allows players to play two tutorial missions and a main mission.

You will use the Hawker Hurricane aircraft to face the German JU 87 Stukas aircraft. In tutorial missions, you will learn to fly the Hurricane aircraft including to familiarize with basic flight controls, gunnery and targeting systems. You are given the main target of destroying all zeppelin balloons over airfield. Another tutorial is to learn to drop bombs and to destroy all ammo dumps.

The available main mission is to stop the ju 87 Stukas planes from destroying the transports. You can see the list of keyboard keys used for controlling the plane by accessing the menu: Options - Input Device - Remap Controls. In there, you can also change some control keys to suit you best or in case your keyboard can not handle one or several default keys.

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