Serious Sam II Demo
Publisher: 2K Games
Size: 367.5 MB
OS: Windows
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10 out of 10
Category: Demo Games
Serious Sam II Demo
Serious Sam II Demo
Get ready to face the waves of enemy troops running fast toward you. They consist of various rough and cruel creatures including from the small one like Beheaded Kamikaze and up to the giant boss like Cecil the Dragon. Serious Sam II presents an intense shooting game taking a theme of fantasy world where cartoon characters coexist with humans.

This demo brings Sam to Ellenier, home of Elvians, a peaceful and noble race, to get a part of the medallion that Ellenier people had been guarding for years. But the presence of the giant dragon Cecil along with his army was too strong for them and their village then fell into their hands. Sam is coming there to free Ellenier from the monsters.

Sam will first appear at the top of the cliff near the waterfall and there he had been overshadowed by several helicopters. There are also the Spider Mechanoid and Centaur which will prevent Sam from going down to Ellenier's land. The attack begins when Sam has to get the key to be able to open the access to the bridge. Please take note that in order to succesfully lower the bridge, you need to remove the guard's arm that is stuck in the gear. After passing the bridge, a large field is seen stretching before you where Sam must get into an intense battle against various animals and weird creatures in the world of fantasy.

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