ShadowFlare: Episode One 2.001.000
Publisher: Denyusha Co.,Ltd.
Size: 88.6 MB
OS: Windows 9x/ME/2K/NT/XP
Total Download: 1,669
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8.1 out of 10
Category: Role Playing Game (RPG)
While Diablo was the road opener when it comes to isometric action games with a hack and slash component, the reality is that numerous other titles have tackled since then with the idea, and one of the standout games in this regard is definitely ShadowFlare: Episode One.

ShadowFlare: Episode One is, just like the name suggests, an episodic game in which you play as a mercenary that is in the adventure of the lifetime only to add more gold into his pockets. In order to gain that gold though, you will need to garnish new skills and polish the ones you already have because you will need to face a wide range of interesting, exciting and sometime dangerous quests. In ShadowFlare: Episode One you will need to face demons as one of the multiple character professions, which can be either warrior, hunter or wizard.

As you can expect, playing as each of those professions provides you with a varied and exciting experience, because you will have access to new skills. ShadowFlare: Episode One encourages replayability quite a lot and it manages to bring you a wide range of unique and extraordinary challenges that you will find into the game world.

ShadowFlare: Episode One has a high level of difficulty, to the game really isn't suitable for anyone, because as you progress you will need to face increasingly challenging levels and bosses. You can opt to have an animal companion alongside you, something that manages to provide you with an extraordinary and exciting experience. Not only that, but since the enemies tend to be more and more as you play, having a companion is truly necessary, as it literally enriches the game experience.

The interface in this game provides that old school vibe, but at the same time it's also great looking as it keeps the original, old school vibe. The combat here is also very good, and the game truly manages to take full advantage of the wonderful animation system that the title has implemented here.

The inventory system is also very exciting, because you can easily store and use the loot you can find in the game world, but at the same time you can also sell it. As you play you will be able to find lots of merchants and numerous other interesting NPCs with whom you can interact without a problem.

Exploring ShadowFlare: Episode One is a exciting experience, because despite being the first episode from a series, the title does a lot more than just give a small piece of a world, instead you have a fully fledged, large and exciting location to experience as you see fit.

Your character can level up quite fast, and you go get the option to have multiple weapon caches as you see fit. In addition to that, ShadowFlare: Episode One manages to enrich your experience because the health bars on the monsters are really easily to keep track of, and everything in this game combines together seamlessly in order to provide astounding results! We recommend you to check out ShadowFlare: Episode One, it's a great Diablo alternative with a great story!

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