Shadowgrounds Demo
Publisher: Frozenbyte
Size: 383.4 MB
OS: Windows
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10 out of 10
Category: Demo Games
Shadowgrounds is a top-down shooter game that focuses on ground defense against alien attacks. This game takes place on the Ganymede satellite, the largest natural satellite that revolves around Jupiter.

Human desire to create a colony outside of the planet earth is hindered by the fact that there are creatures out there that could endanger human lives. Shadowgrounds is one that depicts human efforts in surviving alien attacks.

Through this demo, you are initially given a mission to repair an electrical facility which turned out to have become the nest of aliens. So eventually you will need to get rid of those wild creatures to survive while moving forward to complete every mission.

Although it implements top-down perspective, the usable keyboard controls are similar to those used on FPS games. The complete list can be found inside the Options page on the main menu.


  • If the game does not show up after launch, you may try this solution.
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