Ski Alpine Racing 2007 Demo
Publisher: RTL Playtainment
Size: 192 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 436
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4.4 out of 10
Category: Demo Games
Alpine Ski Racing 2007 is an ice snowboarding simulation game. It was published by RTL Playtainment since 2007.

This demo game allows you to play the Quickstart mode, Practice mode, and Arcade mode. In quickstart mode, you can play on a single tournament by using a specified skier. Unlike the career mode, there are no prizes here and you can immediately play without training.

In practice mode, you can try various parameters for training such as skier, location, discipline, and weather conditions. And for Arcade mode, you can create match events along with the players. However, inside demo version, your game is limited to 2 skiers and 2 venues only.

Controlling the skier is made simple as well. Use the left/right arrow key to turn left and right, and press the up arrow key for crouching to increase speed.

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4.4 out of 10
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"cant lauch"
By: supralong, on August 18, 2021
i just download the game but it cant lauch my os is window xp please fix it
"runs good on win10"
By: shuriken, on August 31, 2021
just downloaded and played this. It run good on my win10-64bit laptop ( processor 2.4GHz).
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