Sky Fight: WW2
Publisher: My Real Games
Size: 26.9 MB
OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista
Total Download: 2,769
User Rating:

7.5 out of 10
Category: Flight and Space
Sky Fight: WW2 is an awesome combination of a flight simulator with the tactical shooter genre. In this game, you are a fighter pilot for the German/ Japanese alliance or for the UK/ US/ China alliance. You will start off as a novice, but with practice and dedication, you will be able to polish up your flying skills in no time and dominate the air as the Ace of Aces!

In Sky Fight: WW2, there are 3 game modes - training, campaign and quick play. It is, of course, highly recommended to start the game with training mode. During training, you will be introduced to the basics of flying, including how to speed up your plane and how to fire your plane's weapons. The controls in this game are fairly simple though some of them may be a bit confusing and hard to grasp at first. However, if you aim to be the best pilot there is, just remember - practice makes perfect!

In campaign mode, you will need to choose an alliance to join and to fight for as well as which campaign scenario you would like to play in. There are also several skill levels, ranging fromNovice to Ace of Aces, for you to select from. After opting for a suitable skill level, you will need to pick your preferred mission type. There are a ridiculous number of missions that you can choose from although you will need to unlock the tougher missions by completing the available missions first.

These missions contain a huge variety of gameplay and objectives, such as providing air-cover to ally vessels, airplanes or vehicles with valuable cargo, and participating in big air battles to achieve air superiority for your alliance! Some missions will require you to fly under the radar to avoid the enemy's anti-air defences while some may require you raze enemy depots to the ground by doing a bomb run! You may even need to divert enemy planes from attacking your frontline troops or to find and destroy enemy's reconnaissance objects like scout planes and air balloons! Each mission is more challenging than the next one and only the best pilots can prevail!

As you gradually complete each mission, you will also unlock a range of beautifully-rendered plane models. Each plane has its own specs which include its maximum speed and upper height limit. Some planes may even have missiles or can carry (and drop) bombs. By playing different plane types, you will definitely find one that suits your play style. Campaigns are fun and all, but they do take up quite a bit of time to play. If you're looking for a quick game that has fully customisable scenarios, quick play mode is what you need!

Sky Fight: WW2 is a challenging and action-packed game filled with brilliant plane models and realistic sceneries. In this game, you will need more than luck to be on your side as mastering your flying skills plays a huge role in guaranteeing you a spot in the hall of fame. Do you have what it takes to be a WW2 acepilot? Find out today!

A - increase throttle
Z - decrease throttle
Alt - rocket
Space - Fire
Esc - menu
P - Pause
C, V, B - Camera
F2 - show/hide map
Left Shift - Zoom

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7.5 out of 10
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"gaming machine"
By: dendi ali, on September 21, 2017
sangat bagus seperti biasanya ^-^
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