Smokin' Guns 1.1   pick
Publisher: Smokin' Guns Productions
Size: 390.5 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 2,530
User Rating:

9.3 out of 10
Category: First Person Shooter (FPS)
Smokin' Guns is an open source-classical western first person shooter game. Originally, it was developed by Iron Claw Interactive under the name of Western Quake (WQ). In 2005, WQ was converted into a standalone game with a new name, Smokin 'Guns. The developement continued under a new team named Smokin' Guns Productions.

Smokin' Guns is a semi-realistic simulation of the cowboys-western era in the past. Classical environment and sound exist on every aspect through the gameplay. This game can be played in single player mode against the computer and multiplayer via LAN and Internet.


  • WASD = Move
  • Spasi = Jump
  • C = Crouch
  • R = Reload
  • B = Show the Buy menu
  • Mouse = Direction
  • Left click = Shoot
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9.3 out of 10
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"game files corrupt"
By: francois, on February 7, 2024
when trying to install it says "pak0_pak3 file corrupted ....
so yes that is very dissapointing
"classic & western"
By: Egene Dubois, on February 26, 2024
just downloaded and played this. it's classic. but graphics are good even though a classic game.
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