Snail Bob 2
Publisher: Spil Games
Size: 14.8 MB
OS: Windows
Requirements:Adobe Flash Player
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10 out of 10
Category: Puzzle Games
Let's face it. Not all of the physics-based puzzle games can really give fun and entertainment and it is for the reason that a few of them simply tend to be very hard to play on after a particular period of time. Luckily, there are games that are pretty much easy to play and these games will make you feel like a kid. If you want to have a new addictive puzzle game on your gadget, go for the one that is packed with not just entertainment but with some difficulty factors, just like the newest Snail Bob 2.

This game is the continuation of Snail Bob and it comes with almost the same gameplay and controls that make it so enjoyable to play. Since it's a sequel, there will be new levels and another story line connected with the game yet the basic premise of the game stays the same.


In this game, you will see Snail Bob sitting inside of his home while reading a book when the wind blows all of a sudden in the window. The wind manages to blow off a few pages of the calendar just to remind him of the birthday of his Grandpa. There are just 3 days left before that day and he rushed all over his home to search for a gift. Snail Bob finally picked the potted rose plant then he wrapped it up and started his journey going to where his grandpa is living to give his gift. If you will be able to finish the game then you will eventually see Snail Bob with his grandpa who is happy with his birthday while expresses his happiness because of the gift that he received coming from his favorite grandson.


The gameplay is quite simple. You just have to guide Bob while he keeps on crawling towards the screen's right portion through the dangerous jungle then make sure that he will be able to reach the end point. Every stage comes with various hazards which should be avoided by Bob or else that will cause him to die. These include falling off the cliffs, being eaten by the birds, simply getting stuck somewhere and a lot more. You just need to click Bob to make him stop and also, you can only alter the speed level of his moves. There are also some tools that you can use so that you can help Bob avoid the hazards. Snail Bob 2 comes with 25 stages and every stage comes with another hazard that Bob should overcome before he can reach the house of his grandfather. The challenges will turn to be harder and harder as you progress yet the overall difficulty stays to be somewhat adequate so that every player will be able to pass the tests with no difficulty.


The controls of this game are simple as you can just click, drag and rotate on various tools that will be used to help Snail Bob in completing his journey. The space and "R" key will reset the stage. Change the speed of Bob's moves by clicking the speed icon that you can see in the top left side or by pressing the number "1" or "2" on the keyboard. The soundtrack and graphics set a much sloppy setting to the game.


Snail Bob 2 is a great puzzle game perfect for everyone. It offers superb entertainment experience for all the players and it can serve as a perfect pastime during your boring and lonely hours at home.

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