Sonic Spike v1.04
Publisher: Park Productions
Size: 4.5 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 625
User Rating:

10 out of 10
Category: Arcade Games
As a quick and agile cartoon character icon, Sonic is assigned to collect all the rings scattered around the game area. Sonic must jump from one land to a higher land to reach all the rings.

Enemies are ready in certain places to block Sonic. Sonic must spin and hit them to win and continue his task. Overall, there are 60 levels and 6 zones. In every 10th level of each zone, you will face Robotnik. Make sure to collect all rings first before trying to attack Robotnik.


  • Keyboard 1: Arrow keys, CTRL, SHIFT.
  • Keyboard 2: W, A, S, D, ALT, Spacebar.
  • P = Pause.
  • ESC = Quit.
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