Publisher: Vladimir Romanyuk
Size: 1 GB
OS: Windows XP and later
Total Download: 206
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Category: Educational Games,
Simulation Games
SpaceEngine is a free program/game engine where user can explore the universe three dimensionally. Areas around the space are drawn using the real astronomical data. You can fly to any galaxy, planet and asteroid and land on them or enter their atmosphere. SpaceEngine is developed by Russian programmer and astronomer Vladimir Romanyuk using real space catalogs and procedural generation.


  • To explore a planet in more detail and realistic needs to download additional files from this page.
  • Move = W and S, A and D, R and F, Q and E, or arrow keys.
  • Look around = Drag using mouse left/right button.
  • Change velocity = Scroll mouse or [+],[-] keys.
  • Go to an object = Click an object then press G (Press G twice for faster move).
  • Find object = Press F3 then type an object name, example: 'earth' and click 'Go To'.
  • Land on a planet/object = Click it then SHIFT+G or CTRL+G.
  • Go back to planet earth = Press SHIFT+H several times then press G.
  • Hide/show info text on the screen = Press CTRL+~
  • Run paused ship = Spacebar.
  • Other controls available on this link.

Manual for SpaceEngine usage is available here.

Recommended system requirements:

  • CPU Quad-core 3 GHz.
  • RAM 4 GB.
  • Graphics: Nvidia or AMD/ATI, 1024 MB VRAM, and support OpenGL 3.3.
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