Star Wars: The Battle of Yavin 1.1   pick
Publisher: Bruno R. Marcos
Size: 14.3 MB
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
Total Download: 7,142
User Rating:

8.6 out of 10
Category: Flight and Space,
Space Shooter
The Star Wars: The Battle of Yavin is a game play available on the net that is based on the movie itself. The game is a 3D battle game set in space just like in Star Wars movies. Basically, what happens in the game is for you to face the enemies - the dark side, the Empire and fight them with your laser beams.

In this game, you will play the character of Luke Skywalker while in the battle of Yavin and you are tasked to assault and obliterate the empire's Death Star all throughout the game. While you are fighting in space and on the Death Star's surface, you can make the trench run, but try boot to get blasted by your enemies. The question with this, just how long can you survive?

Star Wars: The Battle of Yavin is an exciting game that will hook not only Star Wars fans, but even the young ones. This game is a climactic battle for a new hope against the empire's first Death Star. It will make you glued to your seat with all the action and excitement when you battle the Empire. Who will win between the battle of good and evil and what will be your role in all these? Play the game and find out how exciting it could be.

The game starts with you on an X-Wing and flying with all your squad mates as you advance opposite the waves of TIE fighters and Star destroyers before you let loose at the Death Star. Unfortunately though, it won't turn out the way that you expect it. Before it all ends, the Death Star will let loose on you and you'll fight it all out with Radar Domes, Turbolasers, Deflector shields and more TIE fighters as well as Star destroyers before you will have a grand clash with the Thermal Exhaust Port.

Star Wars: The Battle of Yavin is a sequel to the popular game Star Wars: Battle of Endor. Just like the Battle of Endor, this game has for you real enjoyable controls plus exciting battle sequences complete with a new storyline and arenas where you can battle in. Apart from that are new objectives for your battle quests that make this game enjoyable and exciting for you. It comes with six levels of action, brought to you by TFN and based on the battle of the New Hope against the Empire.

This game is perfect for all gamers who like space action and fans of the epic battle between the good and evil in the Star Wars franchise. It comes with stunning graphics, smooth game controls and definitely full of action battle scenes. It is definitely a game that everyone will enjoy for all its non-stop action.

More than that, the game is now upgraded following corrections as well as additions. This will make the game even more appealing to everyone. What more could you ask? Download the game now and experience a jam-packed action game. Destroy the empire now!

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8.6 out of 10
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"Best Space Game!!!"
By: Kausik Kar, on December 31, 2017
I love this games. I feel as if I am a Space fighter pilot! The graphics are good! Even big and popular games are nothing in front of this game. Please continue to send such games. But is is quite hard. Still, I love it!
"Quick Question:"
By: HeftyPork, on May 25, 2020
Will it work with Windows 10 64bit?
"nice classic"
By: SilkPath, on May 25, 2020
Ran good on my win10-64bit laptop. Classic and easy to play.
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