Stealth Bastard 1.10
Publisher: Curve Studios
Size: 19.7 MB
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
Total Download: 1,326
User Rating:

10 out of 10
Category: Action Games
Are you in the search for the best nerve-wracking game that you can enjoy in your computer and just get the chance of trying to play something new that will bring in new gaming experiences on your part? Well, the Stealth Bastard is the game for you. For many expert players, they see it as an awesome game where they can feel the thrill of hiding their character from The Man and being able to skulk in shadows and just enjoy the fun and excitement packed in this event.

The previous versions of the game gained a bit of problems as players see the game in a slow pace. However, it has new versions now and is now completely improved with the entire unexpected feelings - thrill, action and the nail-biting feeling - that would make you crave to finish the game. Most players want a fast paced game and the Stealth Bastard has improved to be this kind of game that many people desperately want to experience.

With the new version of the Stealth Bastard, you get to experience a better, bigger and even shinier game that you would ever want to experience from a fast-paced platformer. As you are only geared up with pair of Stealthing goggles and wits, you will find your way in getting out of the deadly and unique facility that is created to end your gaming life.


Your main goal in Stealth Bastard is to get out of the facility without getting noticed. One thing that you must remember is that, you will not carry any armor or any sorts of weapons that could protect your life. Once you are seen, it is only time that you say goodbye to your little life span. As what experts would say, being seen only means that it is instant death.

Throughout the game, you must stay out of any lights and make sure that you can avoid catching the attention of the security robots. Make sure you leap like those lusty salmons to save your life from the zap-happy beams of deadly lasers. You must think fast as the walls around you will close in an instant. Another thing that experts want you to remember is that, only the sneakiest and the fastest players can make it to the exit. The only question left for you to find out is if you will be among those players who can come out alive from this facility.

Throughout the Stealth Bastard game, you need to unlock secrets that are hidden across the different levels of the game. In every level, you get the chance of acquiring and accessing new equipment and make use of it to knobble with strangers, family or friends within the global leaderboards.

In the new version of the Stealth Bastard, you can even get the chance of being able to create your very own levels with the level editor. You can let other players try your levels or just have fun torturing others with the devious levels you have created for you and other eponymous bastards to enjoy.


Creating an account (with password) on the first play does not require internet connection.

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